My Trip to Heaven Face to Face with Jesus Book

My Trip to Heaven Face to Face with Jesus Book

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“As Jesus held my hand tightly yet gently, He walked me through Heaven. As we approached God the Father’s throne, I was fascinated by the electric charge in the air…”

In this sequel to Face – to- Face Appearances with Jesus, you receive additional tools to build upon the principles of encountering Jesus face to face in supernatural visions. 

You will learn how to maturely discern the purpose of:

  • Discipline
  • Sonship
  • Intimacy
  • Training
  • God’s Word
  • Friendship

Experiencing Heaven is the next step after being introduced to the concept of face-to-face encounters in David Taylor’s first book, Face to Face Appearances with Jesus. Heaven specifically instructs you how to grow in relationship with God through such encounters and how to steward your relationship with Jesus in the midst of them.

In whatever city or church David Taylor enters, he is accompanied by the special privilege of the Lord personally working with him. People experiencing these appearances range from his own young children and his multicultural staff to the open appearance of the Lord in Washington State in the sight of three million people at one time over three regions. This appearance lasted for an entire hour and was reported by the secular media. This type or some similar manifestation happens wherever the Lord sends David.


Learn his secrets, and you will be walking in Heaven with Jesus too!