The Wife, The Warrior, and the Wedding Book- Now Available!

The Wife, The Warrior, and the Wedding Book- Now Available!

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Throughout scripture, God identified His unique process and preparation every woman must fulfill to become a true wife, according to His purpose and design. Many women desire to be married, but do not prepare for the marriage, and others are already married but are not true wives by God’s definition.

In this book, David E. Taylor gives the keys you need to victoriously undergo God’s unique preparation process!

You will discover:

• The change that must occur in a woman to become a wife

• The unique design and purpose of a woman’s “inner-warfare”

• The depths and design of a man and a woman’s heart

• Why it’s called the marriage supper of the “Lamb” and not the “Lion”

• The powerful revelation of a woman’s spiritual DNA being hidden in her natural DNA and why God calls her hair her “glory”

• When a woman moves past preparation and has made herself ready.. she is no longer the bride.. but the wife!

God has a prepared marriage for you precious daughter, but it is up to you to prepare to be a wife to the man.. and to the Lamb of God! This is the Wife, the Warrior, and the Wedding!