Wings of the Morning: Fourth Watch Prayer E-book

Wings of the Morning: Fourth Watch Prayer E-book

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In a season when David E. Taylor felt he was behind in his destiny and fulfilling the will of God for his life, he was granted a divine face to face visitation from Jesus that not only restored time to him, the Father’s heart, power, and amazing purpose for Fourth Watch prayer was also explained in great detail!

God is a “morning person,” therefore, you must learn the importance of meeting Him at that time. When you wake up to meet Him, He supernaturally releases whatever you need to accelerate your destiny and what you need that will preserve it.

The mystery is realizing that there are some things that are only released in the morning, not at other times of the day, because God is not physically coming down to visit you at other times. Elevate your expectation, because as you read this masterpiece and meet God in the morning, you will begin to see the manifestation of what belongs to your peace.


Specifically, during the morning time visitation and prayer meeting, you will:

  • Learn to receive resurrection power like Jesus (Mark 16:2-6).
  • See the glory of God like Moses (Exodus 34:2).
  • Receive a new name/character and power with God and man like Jacob (Genesis 32:24-28).
  • Receive God’s sure mercies like David (Isaiah 55:3). • Meet with God like Adam did in the Garden (Genesis 3:8).
  • Accelerate with speed to catch up to your destiny and purpose (Psalm 139:9).
  • Receive the prophetic ear and tongue of the learned (Isaiah 50:4).
  • Increase greatly when you receive the inheritance of the fathers (Job 8:5-10).
  • Have dominion and be superior in battle (Psalm 49:14).
  • Experience unspeakable joy that is full of glory (Psalm 30:5).


If you are behind in God’s timing for your destiny, you will find the solution and catch up when you take the “wings of the morning” and meet Him on His time (from 3 a.m. until the breaking of day) known as Fourth Watch Prayer!